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Construction of the Right Bank Canal and Topulang-Karatagskiy irrigation canal

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Water And Environment - Irrigation


Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources of the Republic of Uzbekistan


In Surkhandarya, irrigation of lands from ancient times began with the northern zone of the region like Danau, Sariassiya, districts where the water was gravity fed to the irrigation canal from the existing sources of rivers. The objective of the Surkhandarya Region Water Resource Management Improvement (Khazarbag-Akkapchigay Canal System Reconstruction) Project is the improvement of irrigation water provision to the irrigated lands via reconstruction and construction of canals and structures, as well as their transfer from pumping irrigation to the gravity one. It will improve the usage of land and water resource relevant to the Khazarbag-Akkapchigay canal system with the aria 103470 ha. The project objectives are mainly to improve the effectiveness and financial viability of irrigation water distribution and management in seven districts. The main objectives of the reconstruction of main irrigation canals of the Khazarbag-Akkapchigay irrigation system are increasing water availability, improving water flow, and reducing maintenance and water management cost by switching from a water pumped system to a gravity system.


  • Construction and rehabilitation of irrigation canals
  • Construction of drainage channels
  • Construction offtake and control structures
  • Construction of access roads
  • Earthworks
  • Waterproofing of canal beds using HDPE geomembrane and concrete
  • Precast vertical or inclined slabs
  • Construction of bridges and other structures
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