The TRX System and Physical Readiness Becomes Mandatory for All Employees of the Arianna Central Office

The TRX System and Physical Readiness Becomes Mandatory for All Employees of the Arianna Central Office
Studies have shown that regular exercise increases the efficiency and useful activity of staff members several times. Mentioning this subject brings us to the conclusion that if we are after excellence and properly discharging our organizational duties, we should bring exercise to the agenda and commit ourselves to it seriously and regularly. In this regard, the TRX System and physical readiness exercises have been placed on the agenda for all the staff members of the central office.

Among the reasons for the selection of this exercise, the following can be referred to:

·       Fat burning of up to 1600 calories within 50 to 70 minutes,

·       Harmonization of nerve and muscle which leads to increasing the mental and physical balance,

·       Approved by the medical standards organizations and the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA),

·       Beneficial to the elderly,

·       Easy and short design,

·       No need for sports equipment for exercises and movements for physical readiness,

·       Synchronicity of exercises and movements for the involvement of the whole body,

·       Well-being, balance, flexibility, agility, resistance and endurance of the body using one instrument at the time,

·       Movement of major, lateral, and small muscles,

·       Feasibility of use regardless of age or gender, providing good health with any level of physical preparedness for ordinary individuals, professional athletes, and even the disabled, including muscle correction for those suffering from difficulty of movement.

Likewise, the workshops of the Ariana Company will endeavor to hold sports events, provide sports facilities such as Futsal and Volleyball fields and bodybuilding gymnasiums, and others, in order to ensure the well-being of the staff and improve their efficiency.

Sep 19, 2017 12:18
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