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 Message of the Managing Director

رئیس هیئت مدیره و مدیرعامل

The main important factor in achieving any success is the accurate development and determination of the objectives. Specifying the objective is the main important factor for movement and creation of the future. The objectives clarify the destination and route of the individual and organizational life. Specifying the objective is like making a route for the future. An objective oriented endeavor is valuable. Aimless endeavor is like shooting in the dark. One of the main obstacles in achieving success and prosperity is the inability of people and organizations in determination of the objectives.

The organizational objectives and missions at each group are for general directing the organization activities toward the objectives considered by the organization. Generally these kinds of objectives are defined at the level of messages, missions and at functional and operational level by objective determinants that can be different at each organization based on the culture and organization management style. The manner and methodology for specifying the organization objectives and missions and level of individual objectives of the staffs are the main important issues which can have a major role in realization of the organizational objectives and finally for the organization success.

Establishment of an improved Iran is the desire of all the Iranian who loves this beautiful and nice country. Tunnel Sadd Ariana Co. with the aim of reaching this prospect, by employing experienced specialists and complete equipments, installations and facilities has put his step in this road, in order to be able to fulfill his national and international projects at an appropriate time and a quality based on the international standards through benefiting the qualified managers and the use of knowhow and take even a small step for exalting the name of Iran’s name.

Our prospective is high –minded, our will is strong and our steps is firm and strong in the route of reaching to the glory climax in Iran and the world and we shake warmly the hands of all the dear ones who helped us in this path.


A.Mousavi Rahimi




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