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HSE Policy


Success attainment in the establishment of HSE system in all of the projects has a great and specific importance in this company and is considered as the priorities. To this end, while establishing HSE system at the start of each construction project, it is tried to have a particular attention to the risks resulting from the works’ execution and take action to reduce the risks and to protect the environment and personnel’s health.

Our goal is reducing the environmental damages, preventing hazards and health of all the beneficiary people as well as the facilities, resources and assets in relation with the project activities.

a) The managers and personnel of this company believe in the following principles and bound themselves to observe them

1-      Protection of the environment in the work area and safeguarding the man power has the highest value and regarded as the necessities of the work.

2-      All the accidents can be prevented by observing all safety regulations.

3-      One of the main principles in effective and reliable management is the efficiency of HSE management system.

4-      All the activities of the company have a systematic approach in the framework of HSE management for assurance of observing all the principles and regulations and also improvement of its performance.

b) Prospect of HSE

Achievement of a systematic, efficient and effective HSE management based on the current standards.

c) The methods for achieving HSE prospect:

1- Promotion of the culture and positive belief in performing HSE rules and regulations

2- Omission or reduction of environmental pollutions and hazards, unsafe activities and behaviors which can cause the accidents.

3- Preparation and performance of the trainings and providing the required sources for all personnel and contractors for preserving and promoting levels of HSE.

d) Ethic values of the of company’s HSE:

1-   Minimizing the physical , financial and environmental hazards

2-   Efficient and effective management of HSE in all the main activities

3-   Priority of HSE programs in decision makings

Bound to The international rules and regulations



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