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About Tunnel Sadd Ariana


Tunnel Sadd Ariana company was established in 2007 with the cooperation of some accomplished managers based on their valuable experience acquired in multiple large-scale construction projects. This company obtained the highest consultation and construction ranking from the Planning and Budget Organization of Iran. These certificates include grade 1 as contractor in water, road and transportation and also grade 2 in building and structures. Moreover, the company holds grade 2 of consultation services beside designing and construction of roads. Continuing its rapid progress throughout the years after establishment, this company became a successful and pioneer contractor with various branches. This achievement is due to the focus on providing outstanding services, professional commitment, unrelenting endeavor, continuous quality enhancement, customer-oriented policies, reducing costs and construction time, applying modern methods and technologies, and employing experienced personnel. In order to efficiently supervise all the foreign and domestic projects as well as its subsidiaries, Ariana group's headquarters is located in Tehran, Iran. Ariana group consists of several subsidiaries such as Behan Sadd consulting engineers company which provides engineering and consulting services for dam and power plant projects, Samanian and also Tajikkan consulting engineers companies which are specialized in providing design, consultation and engineering services, and Sokhtmoni Tunnel company which offers services in urban projects in the Republic of Tajikistan. While operating independently, these companies have an integrated management system. 
Tunnel Sadd Ariana has obtained valuable and extensive experience in executing enormous civil projects including the construction of roads, railways, bridges, tunnels, irrigation canals and drainage networks, water transfer and sewage collecting systems, structural retrofitting, various types of dams and hydro power plants, residential complexes, landfills and many more projects. Ariana's activities cover various types of civil projects in the central Asia region such as participation in the construction of the world's largest embankment dam in Tajikistan along with reconstruction of irrigation and drainage networks in Kazakhstan and Armenia.



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